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Contribute in translate.wordpress.org

How to contribute in translate.wordpress.org for WPCal plugin?

  1. Visit the plugin translation page - https://translate.wordpress.org/projects/wp-plugins/wpcal/.
  2. Choose the required language and its locale. For example, French used in France will have locale code fr_FR.
    When the translation percentage for a locale reaches 90% it then becomes available as a language pack for download by any WordPress site configured with that locale as it’s language. It will be updated (once created) even below the threshold.
    You can contribute if the language is not 100% translated or if you want to update the translations.
  3. Check your Glossaries and Style Guides per locale.
  4. Sign-up and contribute to the translations. On the translation screen, you will see a simple user interface with the source text and text area to provide translation for specific strings.
  5. After translating check out the approval procedure - After Your Contribution.
  6. Once your translations are approved, and it will be published.
If you are not the native regional language speaker, please do not use Google Translate or other translation service to contribute. It will be be rejected by the WordPress translation team.

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