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All CollectionsIntegrations - ZoomHow to integrate the booking widget in the front end? Where to find the shortcode and how to use it?

Applicable for v0.9.3.0+

How to integrate booking widget in the front end?

When you create a new event type, a page is created and the booking widget shortcode is added automatically. You can also add the booking widget to any page you wish using shortcodes. Please read below about where to find and how to use the shortcode?

Where to find the shortcode?

Step 1: Choose the desired Event type.

Step 2: Copy the shortcode.

How to use the shortcode?

The copied shortcode can be used in
  • Pages
  • Posts
  • Widgets
  • Templates (Themes)

It can also be used in popular page builders.
We are listing a few of them below -

In most cases, you simply have to paste the shortcode in the Text/HTML/shortcode mode/widget of the editor, save and use it.

Note: Currently, only one event type booking widget shortcode can be used in a single page.
For more details check - How to Add a Shortcode in WordPress?

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