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Applicable for v0.9.5.4+

By default - Logged in user's name and email will be pre-filled in the booking form except for WPCal Admins.

How to pre-fill booking form details using URL param

  1. For example: https://example.com/consultation/ is the booking URL.
  2. Then you can add params wpcal_name for invitee's name and wpcal_email for invitee's email.
  3. Please url encode the param values.
  4. It will look like ?wpcal_name=John+Doe&wpcal_email=john.doe@example.com
  5. Final URL will be https://example.com/consultation/?wpcal_name=John+Doe&wpcal_email=john.doe@example.com

If you collect these details in another form before showing the WPCal booking widget, you can use the above method to pre-fill the data.

Right now, Name and email are only pre-fillable.

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