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As of v0.9.4.0+

If the language pack is available for your language in translate.wordpress.org and you have set the same language in your WordPress site setting, you can look for translation updates in the updates section of WP Admin.

Click here to check whether your language pack is already available.

Do you want to contribute translations of our plugin see How to contribute to WPCal plugin translations?

Follow the steps below to translate the plugin for your site manually

This is assuming you have already installed and activated WPCal v0.9.4.0+ plugin in your site.

In this article we have used French used in France as an example its locale code fr_FR.

Step 1) Create a .po file and enter translations

Method 1) Using Loco Translation plugin.

Download, Install and Activate Loco Translation plugin plugin in your WP site if not already present.
Navigate WP Admin › Loco Translate › Plugins › WPCal.
In the Overview tab, click on New Language.
Now choose the language you like to translate and select the location as languages/plugins/wpcal-{locale}.po (This is where you will get updates, the translation pack is available).
Now you can enter the translation and each text you want and save it.
It will show "OK: PO file saved and MO file compiled" or something similar.

Now PO file is ready.

Method 2) Manual method

Duplicate the wpcal.pot file available in the /wpcal/languages/ directory and rename it as wpcal-{locale}.po
Open the PO file, and you can see sets of
<pre><code>msgid "Some source string"</code></pre>
msgstr ""Please enter translated string within msgtr "" like
msgid "Some source string"
msgstr "Une chaîne source"Similarly do it for all string that you required and save it.

Now PO file is ready.

Step 2) Generating .json files after .po file is ready with translations

Method 1) Mail us your .po file we will create the JSON files for you

We will not use your translations without your permission.Mail your .po file to support@wpcal.io, we will generate the JSON files and send you.
Download the JSON files and upload it to your site in /wp-content/languages/plugins/ directory.

Method 2) Using WP-CLI

Install WP-CLI if you don't have one https://github.com/wp-cli/i18n-command#installing you can do this in your localhost too.

Run this command
wp i18n make-json [path to]/wp-content/languages/plugins/wpcal-fr_FR.po --no-purge

Method 3) Follow the below steps

Choose source file: choose the .po file that you created in Step 1, maybe download in your desktop for uploading.
Choose source language as "English (USA)" and desired Translation Language.
In the section "To:" Choose "JSON" and then "Jed Gettext", then click Convert.
Download the file and save it as "`wpcal-fr_FR-edf0c96da6429aaca93bc791b8486a1b.json`" where fr_FR should be replaced with your locale and edf0c96da6429aaca93bc791b8486a1b is md5 of 'dist/js/chunk-common.js'
Edit the file add the following line in the start of the file
add the following line at the end of the file
Minify the JSON file, maybe you can use https://codebeautify.org/jsonminifier and save it in the file.
Upload the file in /wp-content/languages/plugins/ of your WordPress site.

What sections are translatable?

  • End user - booking widget
  • All emails (Invitee emails & admin emails).
  • API contents - Event created in Third-party calendar like Google Calendar.
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