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How to change Event Type Time Zone?

As of v0.9.3.0+

Step 1: Click on the Event Type you want to change the time zone for.

Click on the desired Event Type

Step 2: Click EDIT in the Event type duration & timings box.

Click edit

Step 3: Locate the Time Zone option.

Locate Time Zone Option

Step 4: Change to the desired time zone and Save it.

Choose desired Time Zone

Once saved, you can find the new Time Zone details in the Event type duration & timings box.
For example, available hours 9am - 5pm of the selected Time Zone: America - Pheonix).

Time Zone details in Summary

Please note that the booking widget converts the above time zone to the invitee's OS's time zone by default or the time zone selected by the invitee.

Updated on: 04/10/2020

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