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What are all the available calendar integrations?

  • Google Calendar (available now)

Coming Soon
  • Office 365
  • Exchange Calendar
  • Outlook Plug-in
  • iCloud Calendar

What is the purpose of calendar integration for the event types?

There are two main purposes of calendar integrations -
Add the booking details as a calendar event, share it to the host and the invitee. See more - Add bookings to calendar.
To set the calendar(s) to check and exclude slots already scheduled outside WPCal. See more - Check for conflicts.

How 'Add bookings to...' calendar works?

Set the calendar you would like to add the new bookings to when scheduled.
The calendar event will be shared with the host (Calendar owner) and the invitee.
Invitee will receive booking confirmation as a calendar invitation from the calendar app (say, Google Calendar) instead of booking confirmation mail from WPCal.
Rescheduling or deleting the booking will also update the calendar event and notification email will be sent by the calendar app to the invitee.
The host can see all their booking schedules in the calendar app.
When invitee accepts the invitation or if already set to auto accept invitations, then the event will be added to invitee's calendar, which will be handy for the invitee.
The calendar event will have all necessary details in the description which includes Location (meeting link with passcode if online), links to reschedule and cancel meeting and other important details of the meeting will also be there. These links are intended to be used only by the invitee.

How to setup 'Add bookings to...' calendar?

Visit WP Admin › WPCal.io › Settings › Calendars

Calendar settings
Make sure you already connected the desired calendar account.
In the right column, click on Edit in the 'Add bookings to...' section.

Click on Edit

Choose the calendar account and then choose the calendar.
Choose calendar account and the calendar

Click on Update to save the selection.

How 'Check for conflicts' calendar works?

You can add multiple conflict calendars.
If you add calendar events from outside WPCal and that event is added in one of the conflict calendars, WPCal will detect the conflict and automatically remove the conflicting slots from your availability across all of your event types.
For this, WPCal will sync with your calendar often (Currently, it syncs once every 5 mins based on the plugin usage and WP Cron).

If an admin has more than one event type, while a new booking happens, the booking time will be automatically made unavailable in other event types of that admin. For this "Check for conflicts" calendar is not necessary.

How to setup 'Check for conflicts' calendars?

Visit WP Admin › WPCal.io › Settings › Calendars

Calendar settings
Make sure you already connected the desired calendar account.
In the right column, click on Edit in the 'Check for conflicts' section.

Click on Edit

In the popup that appears, select the desired Calendar account and then select the calendar. You can select more than one calendar in one or more calendar accounts.

Choose one or more calendars across multiple calendar accounts.

To choose another calendar account click on the dropdown and change it.

Click on Update to save the selections.

All calendars you choose will be listed in the 'Check for conflicts' section.

These calendars will only be used for the current admin and their event types.

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