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Why slots are missing/not available?

Slots and days can be not available because of one or more reasons mentioned below.
  • If conflict calendar is setup - If there is event added outside WPCal to your conflict calendar(say a calendar in your Google Calendar account) then that particular period will not be available. To troubleshoot try disabling conflict calendar of the event type's host admin.
  • Slot(s) are already booked for the specific period.
  • All slots of the day are booked so that day is not available.
  • By using custom availability a particular day(s) availability can be either changed by available time or marked as not available.
  • Conflict slot(s) are booked for another event type of same admin.
  • Slot(s) are not available because of advance Event Type settings like Max Booking Per Day, Minimum Schedule Notice, Event Buffers. To troubleshoot try disabling these settings.
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